How to keep Clean your home? – In 30 days!

Cleaning your home it is a good and complicated thing at all. As we know, we have every day a lot of things to do, for example going to job, play with our children’s and the most of the important thing, in my opinion, cleaning our home every day to keep the purity of our environment.

That thing would be helped us a lot in most of the case because we will feel better also we can receive any people in our apartment or house, neighbors or any family member without any hesitation or afraid.

How to keep Clean your home for in days it is the next list:

  • Clean your living room and your kitchen(vacuum, pick up the items that do not belong here, clean the walls, maybe buy new flowers in the kitchen)
  • Clean your bathroom(put away the toys which your kid probably forget here, clean your WC or tub)
  • Clean your bedroom (there are probably a lot of clothes what you had forgotten, just put in your wardrobe, use the vacuum cleaner in the room)
  • Clean your extra room’s (that’s can be the basement or your office or playing room)
  • Clean your living and kitchen room (just remove your clothes, vacuum clean in the room)

Those things, which I had mentioned above its looks for you like 20 maybe 30 minutes per day with what you can keep your environment good and friendly.

On the first day you can use and try to clean with vacuum everywhere and you can wash on the floor.

In the second day, you can visit the kitchen and start to wash dishes because there are many biggest works, all family member every day eating from dishes or drink from the glass. Also, i suggest you pay attention there too, vacuum and another important thing clean the tile.

Of course, you shouldn’t use only my instructions in this tutorial.

All it is depends on your time, job and more others, this is an example which you can make a lot of ideas if you are frustrating about how you can share your time.

What I had forgotten in this post, you will need maybe machines, like wash machine or dish machine and more another things which can save a lot of your time, with what you can make easily your How to keep Clean your home project in this case.

As you know well, for example, with a dish machine you can save a lot of time and you can make another job until your machine is doing your work.

With wash machine too, because there you should to put your dirty clothes, edit your programs and easily and simple, start your washing. In 1 or 2 houres should be done all works.

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How to keep Clean your home
How to keep Clean your home

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